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Sustainable Bioproducts gears up for 2020 launch of consumer brand built around new-to-the-world protein source
Sustainable Bioproducts - which is developing new-to-the-world protein-packed whole food ingredients from microbes - plans to launch a consumer brand to help familiarize Americans with a new fungal food source that could be used in everything from meat and milk alternatives to snacks... Read
Walmart expands unlimited delivery option for online grocery orders, Kroger announces 5th fulfilment center with Ocado
Walmart is expanding a subscription-based, unlimited-delivery option for its online grocery service to 1,400 stores this year following trials in Houston, Salt Lake City, Miami and Tampa; while Kroger has announced the location of its fifth atuomated fulfilment center for handling online grocery orders with Ocado... Read
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We’re searching for trailblazing, entrepreneurial start-ups or established brands with new products to present their red hot food and nutrition innovations targeting expectant Moms, babies, toddlers, kids or teens at FoodNavigator-USA’s FOOD FOR KIDS summit in Chicago in November... Read
Sports and fitness webinar: From weekend warriors to hardcore athletes, how has the sports and fitness market evolved?


Discover how consumers are approaching the sports & fitness category and where the market is headed next by tuning into our FREE-TO-ATTEND, LIVE online webinar on Sept. 25, 2019... Read
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Almost 1 in 5 American men will pay more for coffee with added benefits. Formulate with Orafti® Inulin, a prebiotic fibre sourced from the chicory root, and help them take care of digestive comfort. Discover our latest recipe...   Click Here
‘Cultivated’ meat could be the most-consumer-friendly term for cell-cultured meat, suggests Mattson/GFI research


The term ‘clean meat’ is confusing (and carries the tacit implication that regular meat is 'dirty’), while ‘cell-based meat’ – a more neutral term favored by some startups – doesn’t poll well with shoppers. ‘Lab-grown’ is a food marketer’s nightmare. But ‘cultivated meat’ might just tick all the boxes when it comes to describing growing meat from animal cells, without slaughter, suggests new research... Read
Keto-friendly cereal Magic Spoon raises $5.5m in seed funding
Direct to consumer cereal brand Magic Spoon has raised $5.5m in a seed funding round led by Lightspeed Venture Partners as it seeks to take its keto-friendly wares to a wider audience... Read
Strong Roots wants a seat at the main table of frozen food, says founder
After completing a $18.3m Series A round led by New York-based private equity firm Goode Partners LLC, plant-based brand Strong Roots is ready to take a seat at "the main table of frozen [food]" replacing conventional brands for consumers, founder Sam Dennigan said... Read
Moms Across America launches 'gold standard' certification for food and beverages to give parents 'peace of mind'
Moms Across America, a national non-profit whose mission is to ensure a safe food supply with an emphasis on eliminating GMOs and glyphosate, has launched a three-tier 'gold standard' seal for products that have achieved specific levels of organic practices and eco-friendly procedures... Read
The importance of choline during the first 1,000 days after conception is increasingly understood by the medical community, and dietary supplement manufacturers are “beginning to recognize the potential that choline offers” says an industry expert... Read
Nestlé China has developed a smart machine for recycling infant formula container tins, which will be stationed in mother-and-baby stores as part of its latest sustainability drive... Read
» Ripple Foods launches ‘superfood’ milks, relaunches yogurts (‘we messed up’), explores new low-cost plant protein sources
» Kraft Heinz venture fund invests in startup making real cheese… without cows
» Providing kids multiple options of vegetables leads to increased consumption, study finds
» Atlast Food Co: Mycelium scaffold can unlock the ‘Holy Grail’ of plant-based meat: whole cuts
» Investing in the Future of Food: Soylent shares strategies for expanding distribution beyond online
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