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Bring out the brilliancy of your product 
Döhler's brilliant natural colour solutions include colouring concentrates, natural colours & cloud emulsions. Long experience of bespoke colour beverage solutions allows maximum colour stability and diverse shades for an optimal colour appearance...   Click Here
The FDA issues a stern warning on CBD... but does it signal a change in approach?
While penning 15 warning letters about CBD in one day (more than the FDA has sent in three years) attracted a lot of media attention, does it signal a change in enforcement priorities for the agency, which has repeatedly warned that cannabidiol is not permitted in foods and supplements, but to date has only cracked down on a handful of brands making egregious disease claims?.. Read
Study: Kids are drinking significantly fewer sugar-sweetened beverages but numbers are still too high, say researchers
From 2003 to 2014, consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) -- fruit drinks, soda, sports/energy drinks, and flavored milks -- on a typical day declined significantly, according to a new study... Read
Got oatmilk? Novozymes develops toolbox to help create the perfect oat drink
With sales of oatmilk surging as US shoppers seek new options in the plant-based milk segment, scores of brands are seeking to gain a slice of the action. But creating the perfect oatmilk requires the right raw materials, the right production parameters, and the right enzymes, says Novozymes, which has developed a new toolkit dedicated to helping producers succeed... Read
What does 2020 hold? Most food and beverage industry professionals expect sales and employment growth
A majority (84%) of food and beverage industry professionals surveyed by Mazars USA Food & Beverage Group expect sales growth in 2020 driven by growing consumer interest in private label and free-from products, while many are interested in entering the CBD market with new product introductions, according to the company's 2019 Food & Beverage Industry Outlook... Read
Growing concerns prompt senators to urge USDA to adopt new hemp rules
Sparked by proposed US Department of Agriculture regulations that would drastically alter the certification process for industrial hemp, two lawmakers from Oregon want the agency to make several changes before it finalizes rules for the US Domestic Hemp Production Program... Read
FDA revises consumer info on CBD, says ingredient is not GRAS, sends 15 CBD warning letters
The US Food and Drug Administration has stated that it cannot conclude that CBD (cannabidiol) is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for its use in human food, based on a “lack of scientific information supporting the safety of CBD in food”... Read
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Powders by the pros 
For the best powders––and today’s most innovative packaging solutions––leading formulators all turn to the same place. Nellson delivers quality and speed to market that’s unsurpassed...   Click Here
FOOD FOR KIDS summit 2019: The highlights, from lunchables 2.0 to stealth nutrition, brainfood, and reimagining the kids' menu
If you didn't make it to Chicago last week for the FoodNavigator-USA FOOD FOR KIDS summit, you missed an inspirational ensemble of industry experts, pediatricians, consumer health advocates, Chicago parents, market researchers and brand strategists, covering everything from brainfood for kids to heavy metals in baby food... Display
Children’s products & plant-based foods primed for innovation, predicts Kraft Heinz sensory testing tech


Given that the success of most food and beverage launches hinge on taste, but that consumer preferences for flavors, textures and overall experience are constantly shifting, sensory testing has become a lynch-pin in the innovation cycle... Read
Haven's Kitchen Sauces seek to solve the dinner dilemma with pouches of fresh, globally-inspired sauces
Haven's Kitchen founder Alison Cayne believes its chilled HPP culinary sauces packaged in pouches resembling tubes of paints are just the shortcut consumers need to make a home-cooked meal they can feel proud of... Read
What’s trending in nutrition? Keto, intermittent fasting, and clean eating, say dietitians


The high fat, moderate protein and ultra-low carb keto diet is likely to remain the top diet trend of 2020, followed by intermittent fasting and clean eating, according to a poll of 1,259 registered dietitians conducted by marketing and PR agency Pollock Communications and Today’s Dietitian, a trade publication for registered dietitian nutritionists... Read
Often hailed as Latin America’s oasis of stability, Chile has been rocked by violent social protests and nation-wide strikes for over a month. We look at how the food industry has been affected... Read


Swiss headquartered company can now market its Ruby innovation as chocolate, after passing important regulatory milestone... Read
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