News & Analysis on Food & Beverage Development & Technology - Asia Pacific14-Jan-2021
Creating successful beverages is both science and art.
Creating successful beverages is both science and art
It takes real know-how, an eye on the future, a resolute commitment, inspired collaborative thinking and ADM beverage systems to make great forward-thinking products come together. Taste success with ADM today... click here
Reformulation for sustainability: Woolworths to boost plant-based and healthier products portfolio as part of five-year plan
Australian retail giant Woolworths is eyeing a major boost in plant-based and healthier reformulated product options to be part of its portfolio as part of its sustainability plan to be implemented over the next five years until 2025.... Read more
Dual positives: AB InBev’s super-mild beer in India to boost low-and-no alcohol portfolio while adapting to local regulations
Multinational beer brewer AB InBev says the launch of a new super-mild beer in India will have dual positive impacts for the company: To both boost its low-and-no alcohol portfolio, while simultaneously adapting to local regulations.... Read more
Dairy Protein snack studio powers customized southeast asia-friendly creations
Protein snack options have exploded in recent years in tandem with rising consumer interest in protein for health and wellness, extending far beyond sports nutrition bar products for athletes or fitness enthusiasts.... Read more
CEO interview: UAE’s United Foods expands beverage portfolio, outlines innovation and sustainability efforts
United Foods Company, an UAE-based manufacturer and distributor of edible oils, fats and frozen foods, has outlined plans to expand its beverage portfolio this year in an exclusive interview with FoodNavigator-Asia.... Read more
Angel Yeast to open new R&D centre in China tapping on plant-based and sports nutrition trends
China-based manufacturer Angel Yeast is set to open a new R&D centre in Yichang, Hubei Province this year to accelerate product innovation, with a particular focus on the plant-based sector and sports nutrition.... Read more
Children’s health focus: BY-HEALTH’s probiotics cooperation with Spanish firm Biosearch to explore multi-strain concept
Chinese nutraceutical firm BY-HEALTH is expanding its probiotics product portfolio for children's health through its partnership with Spanish nutraceutical ingredient supplier Biosearch.... Read more
Thailand salt tax: Firms failing to reformulate risk increased costs as 2021 implementation expected
The implementation of a salt tax in Thailand is still expected to take place sometime in 2021, and this may have cost implications for food manufacturers whose reformulation efforts have not yet caught up, according to a local food industry expert.... Read more
Emotion over science: Experts argue better social marketing can overcome negative consumer palm oil sentiment
Consumers are opting to buy ‘No Palm Oil’ labelled products in places where these are available due to the sense of ‘emotional protection’ this confers versus any real scientific knowledge, an expert panel has claimed whilst recommending better social marketing as the best tool to fight this.... Read more
COVID-19 and APAC's food and beverage sector: All our coronavirus one place
Here's your constantly updated and comprehensive round-up of FoodNavigator-Asia's COVID-19 coverage.... Read more
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[WEBINAR] Plant protein
[WEBINAR] Plant protein
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Growth Asia 2020: All six editions of our interactive broadcast series now available to watch ‘on demand’
All six editions of our ground-breaking interactive broadcast series Growth Asia 2020 – featuring expert insights from major brands including PepsiCo, Blackmores, Herbalife, Mondelez, Health & Happiness, Eat Just and Lifespace, among others – are now available to view for free, 'on demand'.... Read more
Spotlight on…infant nutrition and probiotics: Register for our exclusive interactive broadcast with international experts
NutraIngredients-Asia is staging a new interactive broadcast where three international probiotics experts will shine the spotlight on the science, market trends and new opportunities for the category in the infant nutrition sector.... Read more
Plant-based Innovation
Asia is tipped to be the largest region for plant-based food consumption in the $21bn global finished product market by 2025 on the back of consumers’ ethical, health and environmental concerns, plus extensive product innovation.
Probiotics & Prebiotics
The APAC probiotics market is predicted to grow from $17.5bn in 2018 to more than $25bn by 2025, while the prebiotic market is set to enjoy almost double-digit CAGR over the period, as benefits far beyond digestive health are more widely understood.
Healthy Ageing
By 2050 there will be 1.3 billion people over the age of 60 in APAC, up from around 650 million today, with vast gains predicted for products that help boost immunity, bone, joint, muscle, cognitive, heart, skin, eye and digestive health.
Supply Chain and Sustainability: Disruption to Opportunity
The COVID-19 pandemic put exceptional pressure on the food supply chain. We’ll be drilling down into lessons learned...
NPD and the Evolving Consumer Landscape
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to marked shifts in consumer preferences, buying habits and retail channels.
Start-ups, New Business Development & Funding
APAC’s start-ups are the industry’s future stars, but how do we help them go from being a fledgling firm to a major player?
PepsiCo’s Greenhouse Accelerator names next class of innovators
The snack giant has chosen the 10 standout startups to join its fifth annual PepsiCo Greenhouse programme, a highly respected mentor-guided programme designed to boost innovation to transform the way consumers live their lives.... Read more
Direct selling spree: South Korea’s Atomy to enter New Zealand, Turkey, and UK this year after bumper 2020
South Korean direct-selling company Atomy, which sells health supplements, personal care and household items, is on an expansion spree and is set to enter New Zealand in March, and later in Turkey and the UK.... Read more
Molson Coors launches Vizzy Lemonade Hard Seltzer
Molson Coors is eying up lemonade as ‘an emerging sub-segment of the seltzer space’: and will launch Vizzy Lemonade Hard Seltzer in April.... Read more
Sarcopenia support? Researchers say omega-3 improves muscle mass and walking speed – meta-analysis
Omega-3 supplementation has shown to increase muscle mass and even increase walking speed among seniors age 60 and above, according to a meta-analysis conducted by Taiwanese researchers.... Read more
Ayurveda cannabis firm to focus on chronic pain relief solutions after launching product for menstrual cramps
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